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White People: *back flips over actual KKK members*

White People: *moonwalks past real neo-nazi blogs*

White People: *goes into PoCs inbox*

White People: You're whats keeping racism alive

Fuck those customers who demand all your attention for over an hour and then only spend $30.00. Fuck you and go to hell.


House plant cupcakes


House plant cupcakes

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Probably my favorite vintage postcard in the pile. What happened to that elephant? #vintage #paris #eifeltower #elephant #postcards

Vintage postcard at work. I’m super excited that we got a ton of vintage postcards in because I collect postcards! This is one of the many in the pile I am buying. I think it’s super cool. #vintage #postcards #airplanes #pilots

Another old photo from yesterday’s estate. #vintage #1930s

I love old photos. This guy was kind of a babe. I think this was in the ’30s. #1930s #vintage #america

More pretty wallpaper at this estate. #floral #wallpaper #vintage

This floral wallpaper at this estate is amazing. #floral #wallpaper

Why should you not get a bra size fitting at Victorias Secret?


Because they generally don’t measure or calculate accurately, and because if you have either a larger band size or a larger cup size, they won’t have anything to fit you, but are likely to try to sell you something that DOESN’T fit, or to shame you for not fitting into their merchandize (most of which is SMALLER than the average USian woman).


This happened at work

White person turns to me: Where are you from?

Me: California.

White person? No, where are you really from?

Me: California.

White person: ...

Me: *walks away*



once upon a time, in Japan…. *white characters*

this takes place in Africa… *white characters*

our story starts in the Middle East… *white characters*

Long ago in Europe… *white characters* “for historical accuracy”

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